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    Discography - LPs and CDs

First Songs Mike Hurley
Folkways Records FG3581 LP 1965
Smithsonian Folkways Cassette 03581 1992. Locust Music CD 2002
Blue Mountain, You Get Down by the Pool Hall Clickety-Clack,
I Like My Wine, No No No I Won't Come Down No More, Tea, Just
A Bum, They Took Away the Diesel, Fat Mama, The Animal Song, Captain Kidd, Intersoular Blues, Werewolf
Michael Hurley, Robin Remaily
"A secret pillar of the folk revival, Hurley still makes fine, stark mountain songs. Here, his raw-sugar wail and eccentric drifter's tales glow with high lonesome fidelity." ~ David Fricke , Rolling Stone , November 14, 2002


Armchair Boogie Michael Hurley
Racoon/WB ws1915US 1971 LP
Snocko Music Cassette 1988
Grand Canyon Line, English Nobleman, Be Kind To Me, Troubled Waters, Red Ravager's Reel, Sweedeedee, Open Up, Jocko's Lament, Light Green Fellow, Get the Best of Me, Biscuit Roller, When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano, Penquins
Michael Hurley, Robin Remailly, Michael Kane, Maggie Hurley, Jeff Meyer, Earthquake Anderson, Scott Lawrence, Jesse Colin Young,
"A great cosmic trip.. a delightful masterpiece" Rolling Stone


Hi Fi Snock Uptown Michael Hurley
Racoon 2625US 1972 LP
Snocko Music Cassette 1984
Blue Driver, Watertrain, The Sun is Sinkin', Old Black Crow, Twilight Zone, I'm Worried, In Florida, Mr. Whiskerwitz, Lilly Pads, Eyes Eyes, The Girl I Love, Uncle Bob's Corner, Ratface, In Trinidad
Elwood Snock, Banana, Joe Bauer, Michael Kane
Pre-master version available on Snocko Music Cassette -
"some of his finest (and still extant) songs" Folk Roots


Have Moicy Michael Hurley. The Unholy Modal Rounders. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones
Rounder 3010 US 1976 LP, 1992 CD
Midnight in Paris, Robbin' Banks, Slurf Song, Jacknife - the Red Newt, Griselda, What made my hamburger disappear, Sweet Lucy, Country Bump, Fooey Fooey, Jealous Daddy's Death Song, Driving Wheel, Weep Weep Weep, Hoodoo Bash.
Jeffrey Frederick, Jill Gross, Michael Hurley, Wax Iwaskiewicz, Robert Nickson, Paul Presti, Dave Reisch, Robin Remailly, Peter Stampfel.

"the greatest piece of recorded music ever" Omnibus
" A fucking masterpiece" Village Voice.


Long Journey Michael Hurley
Rounder 3011 US 1976 LP, 1998 CD with bonus track
Long Journey, The Portland Water, So You Say, Reconciled to the Blues, You Got To Find Me, The 8-Ball Cafe, Polynesia #1, Monkey on the Interstate, Whiskey Willey, Panama Hat, Why should I Have to Worry?, The Vt. - Ore. Floor, Hog of the Forsaken, In the Garden. Michael Hurley, Robert Iwaskiewicz, Morgan Huber, Derick Semler, Peter Stampfel, Rob Hykys, Robert Nickson, Al Zanzler, Elvin Woods, Christopher L'Estrang, Medulla, John Keyes, Dave Reisch


Snockgrass Michael Hurley
Rounder 3043 US 1980 LP, 1997 CD with 2 bonus tracks
Midnite Rounder, O My Stars, Tia Marie, I'm Getting Ready to Go, Watchin' the Show, Automatic Slim & The Fat Boys, Don't Treat Me Bad, I Heard the Voice of A Porkchop, No Home, Jole' Blon, I Think I'll Move, Goin' to Florida, You're Gonna Look Like A Monkey
Michael Hurley, Dave Reisch, Robert Nickson, Nick Branch, Harpo Archer, Jill Gross, Gordon Stone, Robin Remaily, Richard Tyler, Gary Sisco, Robert Iwaskiewicz, John Cassel.
" These songs make me smile, cry and ache, all at the same time." Robin Holcomb


Blue Navigator Michael Hurley
Rooster No. 124 US 1984
Blue Navigator, Whoever heard of You?, Dices Dices, Werewolf, Wolf Dispatch, '54 Chevy, Code of the Mountains, Ghost Woman Blues, Somebody to Say Bye Bye To, Open Up (eternal lips)
Michael Hurley, Peter Riley, Gordon Stone, Derick Semler, William Wright, Jon Weber, Spencer Lewis, Nancy Beaven, Tim Baker
Rooster records expired after fire destroyed their offices (and Blue Navigator master). Vinyl hard to come by. US only. "Feel free to tape this album: Blue Navigator is not solely a commercial venture but is intended for a spiritual life far out traveling the destination of one arrow."


Watertower Michael Hurley
Fundamental Save 051 1988 LP/CD
The Revenant, I Paint a Design, Lush Green Trees, Keep Rockin', You'll Never Go to Heaven, Ma's Dream Blues, I Still Could Not Forget You Then, Indian Chiefs & Hula Girls, Broadcasting the Blues, Uncle Bob's Corner, Moon Song
Michael Hurley, Peter Riley, Dan Archer, Michael Boise, Marcia Brewster, Debbie Joan Patton, Nancy Beaven, Gary Sisco, John Carlton


Wolfways Michael Hurley
Veracity IRS 993.156 CD 1994
The Portland Water, Eyes Eyes, Mayor of Alburg, I Paint A Design, Werewolf, Hog of the Forsaken, Somebody To Say Bye Bye To, Diddy Boy Twang, Letter In Neon, 3 Blind's Blues
Michael Hurley, Gus Ziesing, Jim McGinness, Mickey Bones, Brian Rost,
Jill Gross, Margaret Pash, Bob Jordan, Gideon Freudman
Rolling Stone [German Edition] Record of the Year, 1994.

Parsnip Snips Michael Hurley
Veracity LP 002, 1995
You're a dog don't talk to me, Hoot Owls, Give me the cure, New Tea, Don't blame it on me, Parsnip Snips, Runaway, Old Black Crow, Light Green Fellow, The Time is Right, Goin' to Polynesia, Abominable Snowman, US Space Weevils
Michael Hurley solo with guitar. Amy Boute sings on The Time is Right.
Recorded 1965-72 on a Mono Wollensak, from the vaults of Bellemeade Phonics.

Bellemeade Sessions Michael Hurley
Blue Navigator BN 010 CD 1998
$10.00 gig, Girl on the Billboard, Victoria, Ruben's Train, The Beggar's Terms, Misery, Pay No Attention to Alice, Love Changin' Blues, English Nobleman, Ghost Woman Blues, Sweet Thing
Michael Hurley, Gail Valentine, Karen Yates, Kim Rigsby, Will Rigby, Stephen 'Oatmar' Smith,
Michelle Lemond, Michael Styers

"Michael Hurley is marvellous - a surrealist hillbilly with deep roots, a whimsical touch and a voice like gin-soaked chocolate cake dropped in sand... On these 11 originals and covers he's the antithesis of the bedsit singer-songwriter or folk-clubber: outdoorsy and free" MOJO


Weatherhole Michael Hurley
Field Recording FR 010 CD 1999
Your Old Gear Box, Extra Love, Beggars Terms, Nat'l Weed Grower's Assoc., Me and Red, Rue of Ruby Whores, Vanessa, Mr. Man in the Moon, Lean on Me, Dust off This Old Guitar, Rider's Lament, Don't Call Me Sam, Wildegeeses
Michael Hurley, David Mansfield, Kevin Maul, Dave Reisch, Johnny Hott, Paul Watson, Jeff Valentine, LouAnn Timberlake, Michelle Adams, Pinewood Woodbill, Kornbred.


Live in Edinburgh Michael Hurley
Individually produced in Scotland and now deleted
All About You/Under the Willow, Your Old Gearbox, The Rue of Ruby Whores, A Glass of No Can Do, National Weed Grower's Association, The Portland Water, Negatory Romance, Don't put that thing on me, Any Ninny Any, El Dorado, Slurf Song, This Old House, The Beggars Terms, Sweet Lucy, Dog Dizzy
Michael Hurley, Dave Reisch, Tommy Beavitt
Recorded live in the Bongo club, Edinburgh in July 1999 by James Bisset
Mastered by Ralph Moodie at Knockmartin studio, Evanton
Produced by Tommy Beavitt

Sweetkorn Michael Hurley
Trikont CD-0296, 2002
Ohio Blues, Rue of Ruby Whores, Barbera Allen, Question, Blockade Stillers, Edinburgh Lag, Negatory Romance, Got Over It, O My Stars, Mona Lisa, End of the Road
Michael Hurley,
"For newcomers it's the bees knees, pretty much defining the man's idiosyncratic US-roots art" Folk Roots
Down in Dublin Michael Hurley
Blue Navigator BN 030, 2004
Goners, What I'd Give, Rough and Rocky, Slurf Song, Uncle Smoochface, Monkey on the Dual Carriageway, Have I told you lately, Gooseball Brown, I Don't Care X 3, Pancho and Lefty, Whisky Willy, You Got To Say
Michael Hurley, Dave Reisch, Tim Rogers, Bill Whelan, Ben Keogh, Thurstan Binns
"Michael Hurley’s albums creep up on you, and this one’s no exception. Hurley triumphs where others fail because behind his ultra-relaxed demeanor he’s an enormously skilled entertainer."
Bill Meyer, Dusted.
Ancestral Swamp Michael Hurley
Gnomonsong CD, 2007
Knockando, Dying Crapshooter's Blues, Lonesome Graveyard,New River Blues, El Dorado, 1st Precinct Blues, Light Green Fellow, Gambling Charley, Streets of Laredo, When I Get Back Home, She Got a Mathematic
Michael Hurley, Dave Reisch, Tara Jane O'Neill, Lewi Longmire
"A welcome pit-stop on Hurley’s lo-fi travelogue across the myths and backwaters of rural America." BBC
Ida Con Snock Michael Hurley, Ida
Gnomonsong CD, 2009
It Must Be Gelatine, Wildegeeses, Hog of the Foresaken, I Stole The Right to Live, Valley of Tears, Going Steady, Hoot Owls, The Time is Right, I Can't Help Myself, Loch Lomond / Molly Malone, Ragg Mopp, Any Ninny Any
Michael Hurley, Daniel Littleton, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jean Cook
"Rather than mellowing or fading into irrelevance, Hurley seems to only get more and more charismatic with age." Anthony D'Amico, Brainwashed